Trans Corp's Artiste Cafe and Lounge Bandung to offer gourmet coffee and tea

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 21:28

Excited visitors of Trans Studio Bandung will now able to relax while sipping on the highest quality gourmet coffee and tea. A new cafe, Artiste Cafe and Lounge, has since been opened to accommodate whatever mood you have.

Dubbed as Trans Corp's latest concept, Artiste Cafe and Lounge is opened on teh groundfloor of Bandung Supermall, one of the biggest shopping centers in the city that's undergoing intriguing transformation to become one of the key destination areas.

To illustrate, the cafe is but one of several key expected additions to Trans Corp's ambitious indoor theme park, now one of the biggest indoor theme parks in Asia.

New affordable and luxury hotels, Ibis Hotel and The Trans Luxury hotel, respectively, is expected to open soon, aimed at offering the highest quality accommodations to local and international tourists alike.

"As part of Trans Corp, the idea behind our concept was to create a place that would be associated with the many artists that are managed by Trans TV," said Zulu Ginting, the cafe's spokesperson, adding that unique and vibrant decorations are added to provide suitable backdrop for whatever situations.

Taken from a French word, Artiste simply means entertainer or highly skilled individuals. The adoption of the name is expected to illustrate what the cafe can offer, including a choice of the highest quality gourmet coffee and tea, a quick refreshing snacks in between activities or a complete set for lunch and dinner with the family.

Getting into the good stuff, the cafe is said to offer the highest quality gourmet coffee provided by trained barristas, including Espresso, Americano and Caffee Latte Cappuccino. Tea are offered in various options, namely Earl Grey, Cammomile, English Breakfast and Green Tea.

A selection of local delights like Sop Buntut and Nasi Goreng can also be found in addition to its Western, Italian and French selections. Old and New World Wines are also available in grape varietal selections, which is perfect for honeymooners.

Artiste Cafe and Lounge should startle passerbies at nights, with wide open spaces brimming in lights and live bands, as well as selected deejays lighting up the beautiful evenings several days a week.

If you think your stay in Bandung is not that spiced up yet, head to the cafe and give its signature homemade martinis and cocktails a try, or you feel everything is too precious to pass by while you're there, order a gourmet espresso, and you're guaranteed to keep an eye out for everything. (eaz)


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