Mayora to expand cocoa capacity

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 08:04

Jakarta-listed confectionery maker PT Mayora Indah plans to increase the production capacity of its cocoa unit to help ensure supply of raw material for its chocolate-based products.

Subsidiary PT Kakao Mas Gemilang produces cocoa butter and cocoa powder through its mill in Tangerang, Banten, with a capacity of 2,400 tons per year, and 4,800 tons per year, respectively.

Mayora Corporate Secretary Yuni Gunawan was quoted by Kontan on Tuesday as saying that the company will increase the production capacity of PT Kakao Mas to increase the supply of chocolate ingredients for the company’s snack food and candy products.  Yuni, however, did not say the size of the capacity expansion. 

Mayora produces various snack food products including household brands Astor, Beng-Beng and Choki-Choki.  The company also produces coffee products under the brand of Kopiko and Torabika.

Mayora plans to issue Islamic bonds this year worth Rp 500 billion to help finance the expansion program.  About Rp 50 billion will be used to finance the capacity expansion of PT Kakao Mas.  (rei)

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