America’s Farmers Are Second to None

Fri, 06/03/2011 - 01:15
Don’t bet against the American farmer. If you do, it is a losing bet

There are a lot of special interests looking to profit from American families. Not surprisingly, these are the same companies that are willing to spend lavishly in order to protect their record profits – and they are willing to distort the truth in order to hide their profits.

In a report issued today by Growth Energy, the ‘food v. fuel’ fallacy is exposed. In this report, Growth Energy identifies the most commonly-repeated fallacies and distortions associated with ethanol and grocery store prices.

Critics of ethanol would like you to forget this fact, but grain ethanol produces both food and fuel. When a corn kernel is headed for production into ethanol, all that is taken out is the starch, which is converted to alcohol. The rest – the protein, the fiber, and the oils – is returned as a high protein animal feed or distillers grain.

And, countless academic, economic and government studies, including the most recent World Bank study, have disproven the so-called “food vs. fuel” myth, concluding that a wide range of factors influence food prices, from fertilizer and energy costs, to weather, political instability and the high costs of manufacturing, packaging and transporting.

Nevertheless, certain deep-pocketed conglomerates have decided to bad-mouth ethanol in an effort to protect their own interests over the American public. In fact, they have been trying to blame ethanol for high food prices since 2008.

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