Volume 21 | APRIL 2012


Wilmar Expansion Play

Wilmar International aims to continue to expand its palm oil operations in Indonesia. However, the company is concerned by lingering legal uncertainties.



Developing border areas

The government is reviving plan to open up oil palm plantation in the country's border areas with Malaysia. There are concerns, however, of the negative impact to the environment.


Malaysia's biomass ambition

Malaysia launches new initiative and private sector international partnership to bolster R&D capabilities and investment in biomass sector.



Bolstering a good partnership

With an established relationship since 1948, Indonesia and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have collaborated in various programs across the country. The designated FAO Representative in Indonesia, Mustafa Imir, said both parties are always trying to bolster a good partnership by exploring each other's potential to address food security, poverty alleviation, and agricultural development. This is an excerpt of an interview with AgroAsia.



Towards legal wood products

Indonesia's forestry sector has sets out practical steps to achieve world-class timber production and trade standards through implementation of the timber legality and verification system



ASEAN & the U.S. initiate MARKET

To strengthen food security for the citizens in the Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN and the United States have collaborated to set up MARKET, a project intended to reduce market volatility through increased regional trade.



Growing appetite

Olam International new rubber investment in West Africa highlights increasing global interest in rubber producing assets to anticipate future demand.



Indonesia to stop import in 2014



Innovative solutions to increase yields

One of the biggest challenges faced by the agricultural sector globally is providing food to he increasing population. Innovation and new technologies such as those offered by Agrinos have enabled farmers and planters to increase the sustainability of agricultural production along with profitability and food safety.



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Wilmar Expansion Play

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