Volume 20 | MARCH 2012


Smart new vision

Palm oil tycoon Franky Widjaja of PT SMART is leading a push to help increase the yields of smallholder oil palm farmers as he preaches a new vision for sustainable agriculture development.



Beefing up BARI

Plantation company PT Bakrie SumateraPlantations moves to strengthen its R&D unit as it aims to become a global player.


Gutsy bureaucrat occupies giant state firm

Former bureaucrat Megananda Daryono named as the CEO of newly set up mega state-owned plantation company. He is seen as a man with integrity having the guts to resist political pressure.



Incentives for green palm oil producers

Palm oil companies adopting environmentally sustainable principles in their operations are likely to receive some forms of incentives.



New source for rubber

Hevea trees, currently the main source for natural rubber, planted in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the world's largest producers of NR, would have tough competitor in the near future if planned new research for alternatives proves successful.



Sumatra for plantations, fisheries & mining

A new Presidential Decree for Spatial Planning in Sumatra is expected to minimize the deforestation rate in the island as its forest area has declined rapidly in the past decade.



Import dilemma

As farmers question the government's latest raw sugar import policy, producers are scrambling for a piece of the pie.

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