RNI to produce premium sugar products

Mon, 04/02/2012 - 08:32

State-owned plantation firm PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI) plans to start producing premium sugar products this year at a volume of about 80,000 tons.

Company President Director Ismed Hasan Putro was quoted by Kontan on Monday as saying that this represented only about 15 percent of the company’s sugar output target this year of 300,000 tons.

Two of the company’s sugar mills including PT Jatitujuh and PT Subang would be assigned to produce the premium sugar products, which will be sold under the Raja Gula brand mainly in big cities in Java and Bali.

Ismed said that the production of the premium sugar products will start during the upcoming milling season of May-June.

Another state-owned plantation firm PTPN XI has already been producing premium sugar products to cater to rising demand from high income people in the large cities.  Last year, the company produced 5,000 tons of premium sugar products under the brand Gupalas.  The average selling price of Gupalas last year was about Rp 10,875 per kg, compared to the price of non-premium sugar products of Rp 9,000-Rp 9,500 per kg.   

Adig Suwandi, General Manager for Marketing at PTPN XI, said that production of the premium sugar this year will be increase by 20-40 percent.  PTPN’s total sugar output this year is estimated at 450,000 tons. (rei)

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