PTPN XI to develop transgenic sugarcane crops

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 17:46

The government via state-owned plantation company PTPN XI will start commercial development of drought-resistant transgenic sugarcane crops in 2013.

Bambang Purwantara, Director of state-owned tropical crops research agency Biotrop, said on Monday that PTPN XI will cooperate with University of Jember in East Java.

“The drought-resistant biotech sugarcane seeds have passed the environmental safety test, and are currently in the process of applying for food safety test.  If approved, development (commercial production) can be immediately be implemented next year,” he said.

He explained the drought-resistant seeds will be used in developing sugarcane plantation in degraded or unutilized agriculture land in the country.

Bambang said that the commercial development of high-yielding biotech cane seeds will be the next target of PTPN XI.

Elsewhere, Bambang said the government will also develop other transgenic food crops such rice, potato and corn in a bid to help bolster production and meet rising demand at home. (firman/rei)


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