Govt to brief WTO over controversial horticulture policy

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 07:00

The government plans to defend its new policy to tighten the import procedure of horticultural products at the World Trade Organization (WTO) following protests from other countries.

“This is a normal thing, we’ll make the necessary preparation,” said Head of the Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Banun Harpini on Monday.

The US and a dozen of other countries have filed complaint with the WTO after the government introduced a new policy which among others will stop agriculture import via the country’s main Tanjung Priok Port as part of measures to tighten the import procedure.

The government said that tightening the import procedure was necessary to help prevent the spread of diseases and ensure quality of products for consumers at home.  The Tanjung Priok Port would not longer be used as an entry point because it has been overly crowded. 

Exporting countries said that the move to shut down Tanjung Priok would hamper the export of horticultural products to Indonesia.

The new policy will be effective in June of this year, after a three-month delay. (rei)



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